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Masks: The New Fashion Accessory

We are all living in very strange times and the face mask has become a lifestyle staple. Whether we want to or not, most places are requiring it and it has become a part of our daily uniform. In a lot of Asian countries, this has been the norm for many years and now the rest of the world is joining in.

Due to a lack of medical-grade masks on the market, people have started creating their own with fabric and coffee filters. These fabric masks have allowed for beautiful designs that the public can don while protecting themselves. However, with no end in sight of this pandemic, the mask might become a fashion accessory that we treat as though it were the new handbag of the season.

Facemasks have been a part of fashion for a very long time, but none of them had this serious of a need by the public. Fast Company states that “in the 19th century when scientists discovered germs on dust particles, wealthy women in Paris wore lace veils to protect themselves from particles circulating on the busy streets—particularly during cholera outbreaks.” And the Post Magazine reports “In 2014, Chinese designers such as Masha Maand Yin Peng sent models down the runways wearing Haute face masks. That same year, Yoox collaborated with Chinese designers Qiu Hao, Xander Zhou, and Sankuanz on a series of luxury face masks.” In recent times, many pop stars were seen wearing masks such as Billie Eilish, BTS, Travis Scott, etc.

In one of our previous blog posts, I mentioned how many fashion houses have shifted their production from making their standard clothing to making masks to help the pandemic. I feel that face masks will soon become an accessory everyone is trying to get from fashionable brands so that it matches with the outfits. However, it does raise the question of how much brands should charge for facemasks. Since facemasks are so rare right now, the price is inflated and many people are resorting to creating their own at home, so is it right to upcharge something that people in desperate need for?

This pandemic has changed everything about our “normal” life and now fashion is getting a facelift and a new accessory. But we should remember that it is not an accessory but a way of life that is trying to protect us.

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