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The King of Streetwear: Virgil Abloh

The name that is taking the fashion world by storm is none other than Virgil Abloh. As creative director of Louis Vuitton Menswear and creator of the biggest fashion brand right now, Off-White, he is redefining art and fashion. He is a man who finds simplicity in our consumer nature and creates art out of it.

Recently the High Museum of Atlanta presented the exhibition “Figures of Speech” which displayed Abloh’s art from the last two decades. This exhibition shows everything from his inspiration to his prototypes and finished products. The exhibition is quite large and is mix media with multiple facets. It shows his work in the fashion industry, his collaboration with Ikea, his artwork, and his multiple collaborations with music artists such as Kanye West and Jay-Z.

If you are into streetwear and the hip-hop culture, this exhibit is for you. As a fashion student, I was stunned to see so many pieces from Off-White and Louis Vuitton on display. The way all the different pieces of art were displayed was very casual and laid back, so you felt more immersed in the experience. The whole theme of this exhibit was the contrast between a purist and a tourist. I saw myself to be a purist with fashion pieces because I knew so much about them, but I also took on the role of tourist with his different art and music pieces because I was curious about them.

In true Virgil fashion, every bit of exhibit was in theme from the elevator doors to the uniforms of the security guards. If you get a chance to visit please make sure to take a moment to look through each of his installations because there is a story behind all of it. There is also a room with a video playing about his vision with this exhibit and gives you an inside look into his thought process, so please make sure to view that.

It’s in its final days so make sure to visit it while you still can. For more information visit:

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