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Patrick Kelley Exhibition at SCAD Fash

Before all the pandemic madness, I attended the Derrick Adams Exhibition: “Patrick Kelley, The Journey.” The exhibition was curated by Alexandra Sachs, who is the executive director of the SCAD Fash and Atlanta exhibitions. It was part of SCAD’s deFINE ART 2020 festival.

This one is a smaller exhibition in the museum but it still packs a lot and the whole vibe of the room is super hip and cool. The installation is done in a way that it felt I was in the club or an exciting fashion show. Michael Jackson was blaring throughout the space and there were TVs featuring runway shows of his work.

Patrick Kelley was “the first American to be admitted to the Chambre Syndicale du prêt-à-porter, the prestigious governing body of the French ready-to-wear industry.” This exhibition “emerges from artist Derrick Adams’ extensive exploration into the archive of the influential African-American fashion designer.”

The pieces were absolutely beautiful and very modern, even though there were made a long time ago. There was this one black blazer dress that is still so on trend and I would love to have in my closet. SCAD Fash even showcased magazines and clothing patterns, which was such a blast from the past and fun to look at.

This exhibition is showing through July, and if the museum opens back up, please go and see it.

For more information on the exhibit visit

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