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The Beret trend was major last year all thanks to the Dior autumn/winter 2017 which featured black, leather berets with every single outfit. Soon, celebrities like Rihanna and Bella Hadid followed suit, and almost every fashion lover and influencer began experimenting with the trend.

The Parisian rooted and Military inspired accessory is getting bigger this year, and I bet this trend is not fading away anytime soon. Why do you ask? Apart from being a ‘bad hair day saver’, it can transform an otherwise bland outfit into a drop dead gorgeous ensemble. Berets are the new shoes! Ladies and guys alike do not only run the world with a good pair of shoes; now, fashionistas have added berets to the list of powerful pieces.

But how come some fashion lovers like myself have yet to try the trend? Maybe because we’ve been waiting for Queen B’s pre-Grammy gala version…

Queen Beyonce and Jay-Z

Instagram @beyonce

Anyways, here’s other beret slayers we love. Absolutely crushed by the styling!

Kendall Jenner

Instagram @kendalljenner

Fashionista Sweater Skirt Knee-High Boots Beret

Instagram @fashionismyfortee

Chanel Pouch

Instagram @alexandralapp

Women Street Style

Instagram @micahgianneli

Women Street Style

Instagram @micahgianneli

Men's fashion

Instagram @thedoctordapper

Fashion Model wearing all red

Instagram @shortstoriesandskirts

Don’t own a beret? Get some inspo here, and tag us on Instagram with #AIFWBERETCHALLENGE for a possible sequel on this post featuring your own beret style.

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