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The Relevance of Street Style vs Haute Couture

As of late, the Fashion Industry has been transitioning from an elite small circle of major fashion houses to something more diverse and inclusive. The recent emergence of Street Style started in the 1990’s with brands such as Supreme, Tommy Hilfiger, and Stussy.

Stussy 90's fashion


1991-David Dobson/ Pintrest

Haute Couture has been around since the mid to late 1800’s. I’d definitely classify Victorian Era dresses as Haute Couture. On a more recent note, brands like Dior and Chanel established the term 'Haute Couture' in the early 1900’s.

Dior and Chanel Victorian Era


Nina Leen/ Getty Images

In today's world of fashion which holds the most relevancy? Some would declare that Street Style has taken over the industry because of brands like Y Project who at Men’s Paris Fashion week delivered a show unparalleled to many others. Furthermore, classic brands are delivering pieces grittier than ever. Alessandro Michele, Creative Director for Gucci, has completely transformed the brand into something more hip and has exceeding popularity among the masses. Street Wear is trendy and exciting, constantly changing.

Men's Paris Fashion Week


Lucie Rox/ Dazed Digital

Nevertheless, Haute Couture has taken no losses. Brandon Maxwell with his latest Spring/Summer 2018 Campaign featuring model, Jourdan Dunn really stirred the pot. The gown designer inspires thousands of women to be their best selves, but most importantly look their best selves. Ralph & Russo, British luxury brand, create wearable works of art and have been spotted on red carpets time and time again. Haute Couture holds an incomparable elegance which the industry will forever need.

Brandon Maxwell Fashion Week


Kim Weston Arnold/ Vogue

The future of fashion will be something unimaginable to the average mind. I’m predicting more technology-based fashion in terms of creation of material and production. As far as Street Style vs Haute Couture the mode that reigns supreme is in the eye of the consumer.

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