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Innovation through mobility, this bridal boutique comes to you! The lovely owner Cindy J. combines the ultimate experience of wedding dress shopping with a unique selection of various styles and designers to ensure magic where magic is due.

A high fashion approach where elegance and sophistication come together to create a show stoping look for any bold woman in the professional world. 

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Brooklynn and Blake encompasses both sophistication and style, leaving sons and daughters feeling nothing but confident. Founder Michelle Youngblood offers unique and playful designs using bold colors and patterns, perfect for every season.  

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Keats takes creativity to a new level by stepping out of the box and incorporating different aspects of innovation, art, and music. Creator Kevin Jackson shows his undeniable passion and unique expression of self in each of his creations.  

Scripted1 portrays emotions through fabric! CEO and self-taught designer, Shay Sutton, uses her love for writing and poetry to create a bold, breath-taking clothing line.  

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Candy Box Swim offers fashionable, vibrant, and versatile swimwear for men and women that will make you stand out in any crowd. The 3 beautiful owners, Arryana, Shatava and Stormy exude confidence and are the perfect example of some serious eye candy!

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Kosher creates a sense of high fashion while promoting the importance social consciousness and awareness. Founder Jamal Tandy incorporates his own experiences of conquering adversity and foreign culture to create this authentic brand.  

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