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"#AiFWcares about the community and the youth which developed numerous programs, along with events that cater to tomorrow's trendsetters and the vitality of our future..."
Fashion Apprentice

#AiFWcares has developed and implemented an innovative mentorship program for young girls called The Fashion Apprentice. With the conception of the Fashion Apprentice, AIFW responded to the need of a comprehensive and hands on mentorship for young girls to obtain the knowledge and experience in business and fashion. The fashion apprentice programs are designed to prepare students with skills needed to succeed in the industry, including a strong foundation of design, illustration, runway production, makeup, modeling, and presentation skills. For more information and to join us in supporting our youth, contact us at


The goal of “Pretty Apprentices” is to encourage, guide and educate girls on the ins and outs of the fashion industry. We promote female confidence, courage, educational and personal development. We are committed to becoming positive mentors for future leaders and tomorrow’s trendsetters. AIFW “Pretty Apprentices” aims to assist the young girls by giving them a first hand view on how these different components come together to create what is known collectively as the “Fashion Industry”. Our mentor program also offers young girls the unique opportunity to learn from each other and AIFW staff the best ways to promote positive body image and self-esteem.


Beyond Fashion week, we plan to expand the program to accommodate 20 girls by providing enrichment programs, workshops and seminars. These series of meeting will empower these young women to promote positive body image among their peers, promote their growth and knowledge of the Fashion industry, and encourage community involvement through volunteering. We also plan to produce an annual fashion show where the girls are involved in every step of the planning process, giving them hands on experience on what it takes to put on a fashion production.


To become a part, email us at

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