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Your Passport to Fashion!
  Invitation Au Voyage

Take flight! Jetset, get your boarding pass and travel in style to Atlanta with a front-row seat to view exclusive collections. Welcome Aboard! Atlanta International Fashion Week is engineering the global fashion experience and attracting industry influencers with a passport to arts, culture, fashion, and entertainment. The destination is fashion with a journey through art and an encounter with style. The proclaimed Atlanta International Fashion Week is bridging the gap and connecting continents through fashion!


Pack your bags and take a journey in style – destination Atlanta. Welcome aboard and take flight with your passport to fashion in discovering what Atlanta has in store. To help you navigate grab your style pass for a GPS of all things fashion. During AIFW Fashion and the City, attendees will enjoy a full week of beauty, fashion and shopping! Shop the runway live with major brands and feature collections during AIFW fashion shows, events, and our STYLEPass.


Gain SkyMiles with your boarding pass within each of AIFW’s themed event destinations. Get ready for takeoff with a unique travel series within Atlanta’s CityPass, an excursion to sites such as Georgia Aquarium, World of Coke and inside CNN. AIFW offers a platform to accelerate in fashion with ‘The Fashion Academy’. Your "Passport to Fashion' and arrival is set for September 24th with a departure of September 29th. Take flight with our travel partner, Delta Airlines and escape to W Hotels for a quant stay at one of Atlanta’s upscale boutique hotels. So, what are you waiting for? Satisfy your wanderlust and join us.









Your Passport to Atlanta!
Adventure awaits! 


With a CityPass inside Tour de Atlanta, AIFW will be illuminated with the backdrop of Atlanta’s historic landmarks and luxurious venues to cater to our travel theme. Take an excursion and explore the best of what Atlanta has to offer. For the week, we have provided for you CityPass, ShopAtlanta, SCADFash, and Indulge. Daily enjoy food, city attractions, great restaurants, and chic fashion! You choose:

ShopAtlanta Highlights include: Shopping excursions at Phipps Plaza, Lenox Mall, Shops of Buckhead, Avalon, Atlantic Station

CityPASS Highlights include Georgia Aquarium, CNN Center, World of Coca-Cola, Fernbank Museum and more!

Indulge Highlights include: Atlanta Breakfast Club, Copeland’s, Mary Mac’s Tea Room, SunDial Restaurant and more!

SCADFash Highlights: The Museum of Fashion + Film celebrates the art of fashion by offering cutting-edge exhibitions, events, films and forums


First Stop




Thursday | 9.19.2019




Destination:  The Art of Couture

Take Flight and arrive at No 18 in Shops of Buckhead for a Fashion fete to indulge the fashion elite. We take a trip with an open passport to explore a preview of high fashion and chic style and enjoy a display of visual art.  Enter an elaborate style exhibition where couturier designer collections come to life with style reimagined. Journey into style to preview designer collections and experience an exclusive evening while enjoying cocktails and networking with designers, models, stylists, media, delegates, celebrities, and esteemed guests.  







Place: No.18, 3017 Bolling Way, Atlanta, GA 30305

Boarding: 7:00 – 11:00 pm

Book Your Pass: RSVP Only





Tuesday | 9.24.2019






Destination:  Fashion Fete 

Escape and travel in style for PRIVE Fashion Fete, an intimate, chic social affair for the fashion elite featuring an innovative style exhibition with live music. Journey into international style and experience an exclusive evening while networking with designers, models, stylists, media, sponsors, celebrities and esteemed guests. 


Place: Rose Bar, 3115 Piedmont Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

Boarding: 8:00 – 11:00 pm

Book Your Pass: RSVP RSVP




Wednesday | 9.25.2019



Next Stop




Destination: Fashion Night Out

Enjoy fashion industry networking and socialites at Fashion Night Out Atlanta.


Place: Medusa Lounge, 3375 Buford Hwy NE #1170, Atlanta, GA 30329

Boarding: 10:00p – 2:00 am

Book Your Pass: RSVP



Thursday | 9.26.2019


 Next Stop





Destination: Front Row


Then we land as we take a trip with an open passport to explore a preview of exclusive collections by couturier designers. 


Place: Aztec Studios, 1550 Agape Way, Decatur, Ga 30035

Boarding: 7 pm – 10 pm

Book Your Pass:





Friday | 9.27.2019



 Next Stop







Destination:  Celebrity Walk for Charity  

Take a seat, as a VIP, and gain access to view the most celebrated couturier designers. Go jet setting and enter an elaborate style showcase where couturier designer collections come to life with style reimagined being modeled by Atlanta’s A-listers, athletes, and celebrities. AIFW will roll out the red carpet for some of today’s most celebrated men and women, donning catwalk favorites by America’s top designers for a night of fashion, fun, and philanthropy. Will also feature doggies on the runway. Proceeds will benefit several local charities including Fashion Apprentice and Chronic Cares.

Place: Aztec Studios, 1550 Agape Way, Decatur, Ga 30035

Boarding: 7 pm – 10 pm

Book Your Pass:




Saturday | 9.28.2019


 Next Stop



Destination:  The Fashion Academy

Prepare for takeoff! As we help to propel your career in fashion. Sign up and register for the Platform, an accelerator course with fashion curricula, taught by industry experts within our Fashion Academy. Courses include ‘Business of Fashion,’Platform: Model Workshop,’ and ‘Becoming A Fashion Designer’ 







Course 1: The Business of Fashion: Building Your Fashion Empire


Start A Fashion Business

Your Roadmap to Success! This exciting course is outlined to help you get started in the process of starting your own fashion business and build your empire. This course is fundamental is helping you create and manage a very successful fashion brand.

Place: Aztec Studios, 1550 Agape Way, Decatur, Ga 30035

Boarding: 12 pm – 1:30 pm




Course 2 : Platform - Model Bootcamp









This is an interactive workshop for aspiring models seeking self-development training and industry expert coaching to bolster and enable success in the modeling world. Model Bootcamp is a rewarding workshop, which will be hosted by a team of top industry professionals, agents, casting directors, and managers. 

Place: Aztec Studios, 1550 Agape Way, Decatur, Ga 30035

Boarding: 1:30 pm – 3 pm






Final Stop







Destination: Last Train to Paris

Pack your bags and catch the last train to Paris featuring showcases by couturier designers and an atelier exhibit. Enjoy live music while indulging in the elaborate shows and style exhibition. 

Place: Aztec Studios, 1550 Agape Way, Decatur, Ga 30035

Boarding: 5 pm – 9 pm

Book Your Pass:


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